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Why Work With Manu

Manu’s Clients Want to Know

Can I trust you ?

Manu makes things simple for her clients with her enthusiastic attitude. She is very passionate about her job and getting things done . Clients find her to be very straightforward and always willing to tell them things as it is rather than what they need to hear. She is always looking out for her clients and can go to extremes to get the best outcome for her clients. Client’s appreciate Manu ’s ability to hold clients hand across the complete journey and provide flexible solution options based on her years of experience.

Do you care about me ?

Manu is very approachable, very easy to work with and she truly cares. Manu believes first and foremost a good agent needs to understand what her clients are after and the clients feel comfortable asking her any thing they are concerned about . Over the years clients have approached Manu with diverse requirements – need good neighborhoods, need guidance about different neighborhoods, need good schools but diverse crowd , need homes with good sunlight etc. Manu has been a bay area resident for the last two decades and able to empathize with first time home buyer and sellers in bay area. Manu will always put the client’s needs ahead of her own with a goal for you to be a client for life.

How good are you ?

Manu has an MBA in marketing and communications. Manu is ranked #215 in the nation and #87 in California amongst individual agents across all brokerages by Wall Street Journal’s RealTrends. She is one of the very individual agents from Bay Area to be ranked in USA TOP250 Individual Agents. There are around 2 million agents in the nation and almost 425,000 individual real estate agents across all brokerages in California. Manu is ranked #37 in Bay Area and #3 Agent in Coldwell Banker’s all Silicon Valley offices combined. She consistently gets 5 star reviews across all social media platforms from all her clients and has decades of experience in bay area.

Can you help me ?

Manu has helped more than 300+ families buy or sell homes in bay area. To make the local community be smart buyers, smart sellers, smart homeowners and make informed real estate decisions, Manu hosts a radio show Real Estate Matters on 92.3FM. Manu is always eager to work with all types of buyers, sellers interested across various cities in bay area. Growing up, Manu lived in various parts of India due to her parents background in defense services and can relate and appreciate various diversities with great ease. Manu is one of the very few realtors who has helped clients across various price points , for homes worth from 295K to $12 million. Manu offers FREE no obligation market consultation to all her Buyers and Sellers. Call Manu NOW.